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What Does an End of Life Doula Do?

As an End of Life Doula  we can explore some of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs regarding end of life. Through this process you can start to develop an advance care plan. Completing an Advance Care Plan can ensure that those who love you understand your wishes and can act on them if you are no longer able to communicate. In this way you can choose a person who will speak for you and will honour your wishes.

Legacy is about life. I can explore with you ways to leave legacy for those you’re leaving. This can be as simple as a photograph, a collage of photographs, a quilt made with some of your clothing, an audio or video recording, or leaving a letter. The list is endless.

As an End of Life Doula I will hold space to hear your thoughts, worries, fears about death… about your death. I can help bridge the gap with your loved ones who are not yet ready to accept your dying. I can help you and them understand what is happening to your body as you are dying.

I can sit with you when you don’t want to be alone and your loved ones can’t be there. Sitting vigil is when you have entered the last stage of life. It can be weeks, days or hours. For many this is a time when they don’t want to be left alone. I can ensure someone is with you at all times whether it is to hold your hand, have your favourite music playing, reading out loud, or simply sitting quietly as your bedside.

Some people want to be alone in their last days or hours. Families can be confused or feel badly if their loved one chooses  to be alone. I can help your family see why you might choose this. I can support your loved ones in honouring these wishes.

Some people may choose Medical Assistance in Dying, This may be a difficult discussion. I can support you and your family at this time.

 I am committed to treating you with respect, honesty and appreciation for the honour of being part of your journey.

There is no charge for our first meeting. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Anne Reid

Anne Reid
End of Life Doula