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                                                                                Days fade, night comes.

                                                                                         They’re gone.

                                                                                 We know the end comes,


                                                                                  We’re gone soon, not

                                                                                           forgotten, yet.

 What Is An End Of Life Doula?

End of life Doulas empower, educate, and encourage people and their families to be involved in making decisions. The word “Doula” is Greek for servant or helper. Like a birth Doula supports women during the labor process, a death Doula supports a person during the dying process. This support is specific to that person’s needs, beliefs, and desires. Death is a process that can span over months or even years rather than an event and Doulas can help with supporting and planning for the future, regardless of diagnosis or illness. Having a conversation or making a plan when you are healthy is encouraged by Doulas so that the care received at end of life is appropriate and aligned with your wishes.                     

 End Of Life Doula Association of Canada



My Story

I have had an interest in death for many years that has only grown with my age. Retirement was the perfect opportunity to persue these interests.

My interest led me to attend The International Death Symposium held in Toronto in 2017 where I first learned of End of Life Doulas. In my heart I knew this was what I  was meant to do. I took End of Life Training through The Institute of Traditional Medicine and completed Training through Douglas College.

The Covid 19 pandemic changed things. My desire to work with people face to face was no longer possible, so I put everything on hold. Through talking with other Doulas, I realized it is very possible to have  meaningful impact through the use of technology. Until the pandemic is declared over, many services will be offered via zoom. Although when needed Some services can be in person if both parties are fully vaccinated.




Anne Reid
End of Life Doula